Diamond Head - Am I Evil

Late night listening...been to busy to think of anything interesting to talk about, though that's nothing new!

Hope everyone is wrapping up this first month of the new year feeling good and ready for tomorrow. Gotta remember, tomorrow may be it. Try to be in the moment. It's very difficult but when you are, it's a beautiful place to be.


Mid January

Already the middle of January and I've already broke just about every resolution I was thinking of doing. That being said, one thing hasn't changed and that's making images.

Around 5 or 6 months ago I had a backup drive with all the images I've made since I moved to Japan on it fail. Being short on cash I haven't taken it anywhere to see about retrieving all the data. I think it's going to be OK when I get around to it but it really took the wind out of my sails and got me down on digital in a big way.

In a fit of fury I pulled out my Hasselblad, went to a camera shop and bought chemistry, tanks and film. All geared up old school fashion and ready to never lose a file again I did...nothing. I quickly realized the expense and more importantly the ability to shoot basically unlimited images with digital. You can work a scene from all angles, play with exposure and what not. I don't have the time or money to really play around with film so I have a bunch of developing equipment gathering dust.

Then I got my iPhone 6 and I got motivated again. I like the camera, I like the ease of use and I like having it with me all the time. Now I just have to come up with a better storage workflow. So that's all I've been shooting with for the past few months. I'll probably get another pocket camera soon as my Canon s95 is on it's last leg.

Anyway guess I'll go hit the streets and shoot a bit, then have a few beers.


David Bowie RIP

Rather shocking news about David Bowie's death today. I posted that last video just a couple days ago from his latest album with every expectation to see him tour, do the talk shows and what not. Looking at it now it almost seems like he knew the end was near and this album was his farewell to us all. What an interesting guy he was. Whatever lies after this I'm sure his spirit is seizing it with the all the vigor he embraced in this life.


David Bowie - Lazarus

Moving On

Hope I didn't come off too arrogant in that last post. I was feeling annoyed with myself mostly. I obviously appreciate anyone who has any interest in my images. Just wanted to be clear about that.

I've been procrastinating on trying to turn this latest iPhone 6s series of abstracts (see my Instagram) into gum prints. It's been a little cold around here and the holiday season didn't help anything. That said, I'm gonna get off my ass here in the next few days and get started on it.

If you don't know about what a gum print is or have interest in making them I highly suggest checking out Billy Mabrey's site. It's full of useful information to get you started and some highly detailed info if you wanna get deep in it.



Officially back to real life. Trying to think deeper about what the images I make mean to me. I'm primarily interested composition within a square and mostly view it as an exercise or a problem that needs to be solved. However, I like the mystery of a so called "abstract" image. I don't like telling people what to think so the mystery is there for them to solve themselves. In truth, I get annoyed by too many questions about my work. I don't know if it's because the reasons I just stated are really about the long and short of it. Some people want a whole lot more. I really don't know what to tell them because once the image is done I don't think much about it anymore. Something has been satisfied within me and it's on to the next one. I'd rather people talk about the images amongst themselves and leave me out of it. And that's that for now.


Happy New Year

Better late than never I guess. I was nursing myself back to health yesterday and today. Hopefully back to normal tomorrow as the real world starts moving again.


Busy Busy

Been a busy few days with a few more ahead. I'm looking forward to taking a couple of days to do nothing.

One of my cats, Kou, has the right idea.