It was a real wild ride being back in America for about a week. So many friends and family to catch up with. Being pampered by said people. All the food I miss. It really was a whirlwind but I really enjoyed every moment.

Getting away from your everyday routine, especially if you live abroad I think, makes a vacation like this all the sweeter. Conversely, returning to Japan I feel refreshed and ready for the new year coming up.

Good people, good food and drink, good memories...



Overpass near the Motomachi area I shot while doing some errands this evening.

I'm getting really excited about taking off for America tomorrow night. I have to admit, with the terrorist attacks in Paris last weekend and the bomb threats being hauled around (including the diversion of the flights today), I'm slightly nervous about being on a plane. I don't enjoy flying anyway and we have many transfers in order to save a few hundred bucks. I'm sure it'll all be fine but ya know.

Not sure if I'll be posting while I'm gone. I tried the Blogger app but don't like it very much so I won't blog with my iPhone. That being said, I started an Instagram account, which you can always click on at the bottom of the page if you're interested, which I'll likely be uploading to.

Speaking of that Instagram account, I'll be posting a lot images there that won't be here on the blog. There'll be some crossover but I hope to write a bit more here and share more photos over there. I'll see how it goes and take it from there.


Shibuya Station

I don't go to Tokyo so often but usually enjoy myself when I do. The city inspires anyone who enjoys shooting photos. It's almost visual overload at times, not to mention the throngs of people in all the hot spots. This was shot deep down inside of Shibuya Station.


Blue Skies

Beautiful fall day here in Yokohama. Crisp air, blue skies with big puffy clouds. Countdown to my trip begins as well, just a few more days. It's been almost 5 years since I've been to America. I'm curious to see how it feels...



Who knows what lies at the top of those stairs.

Made the jump today to an iPhone 6s and like it so far. My 5s, the battery was just reduced to a couple hours of functioning time. Plus I couldn't sync it anymore to my computer and had to use a cable thats only for charging and even that had to be bent in just the right way for it to work. I guess some of the input pins got screwed up over the years. Anyway, it did me right for the time I used it I guess.

Now to configure and try and remember passwords and all that shit that goes with a new device...


Okuno Building

My friend was part of a group exhibition in the Ginza district of Tokyo. The show was held in the great old building called "Okuno Biru"(奥野ビル). I guess it's around 80 years old or so, which means it survived the fire bombings during WWII. There was an open door that led to the outside stairwell which is where this shot was taken. Would be a great location for a noir film scene.


Grey Day

Grey cold day here in the Yokohama area today. Winter is just starting to creep in and make its presence felt. Reminded me I gotta buy a new winter coat. Threw out my old ones this spring as they were full of holes and I walked many miles in them over the years. Plus I'll be heading the northeast of America next week for a well needed short vacation. I'm sure the chill will be formidable there.



Excellent short on how one can spiral into addiction.

Script, direction, animation: Andreas Hykade
Animation, artwork: Angela Steffen
Music, sound design: Heiko Maile
Postproduction: Ralf Bohde
Production management: Bianca Just
Funding: FFA Berlin
Production:Thomas Meyer-Hermann
Studio FILM BILDER 2014